About us

Committed to advancing the interests of those with a poor credit rating, Concept Loans continues to be at the forefront of offering affordable logbook loans to customers all over the UK. Since inception, Concept Loans has been steadfast in helping and assisting thousands of UK citizens with bad credit get approved for a logbook loan. We have been true to our mission and vision and continue to lead by example in so far as provision of logbook loans is concerned. We believe that having bad credit is not a death sentence and that a person should not suffer the indignity of rejection when in need of an emergency loan based on their credit score.

In this regard, we continue to be the go to UK logbook loan lender for individuals who have perennially been on the receiving end when it came to approval of logbook loans. Our customer personnel are top notch, understand their vocation, their responsibility and have undergone rigorous training hence are better positioned to give you professional advice regarding logbook loans. Applying for the first time and simply don’t know what to expect? Worry not as the guidance of our professional customer personnel will guide you in making an informed decision.

From the time we opened our doors, we have been of assistance to thousands of UK citizens with a poor credit rating. We believe that service to humanity is service to God and that is why we work around the clock to ensure that all the needs and expectations of our customers are met.