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Welcome to Concept Loans

Are you in a difficult position such that availing a personal loan from mainstream banks is a tall order? Has your financial past come to haunt you and all of a sudden you find yourself in a quandary as regards approval of a loan? Have you applied for a personal loan more than enough times but the response is always negative and against your wishes? Are you looking for a loan option that does not discriminate you or judge you based on your credit score? Do you want assurance of approval every time you apply for a loan? If that’s the case, we can confidently pronounce the end of your tribulations.

At Concept Loans, our core objective is to turn around peoples tribulations and ensure that they get approved for a logbook loan in the shortest time possible. We believe and strongly ascribe to the principle that a person’s financial past is not always about their responsibility but could be a combination of factors beyond them. We avail affordable logbook loans to our customers without bringing up their past financial history and therefore this explains why majority of UK residents trust us.

What is a logbook loan?

A logbook loan from the very sound of the name is a special kind of secured loan that does not discriminate based on a person’s credit score and is secured using a car. Basically, a person gives up his/her car as security before he or she can be approved for a loan. However, what makes logbook loans the darling of many people is the fact that the applicant continues to drive and even generate income while he is repaying the loan. The lender is only interested in the applicant signing a bill of sale agreement as well as the car logbook which they keep in possession until the loan is paid off.

Why we fly high

At Concept Loans, we have captured the attention of many UK citizens seeking approval for a logbook loan irrespective of their credit rating because our incredibly affordable interest rates, top notch customer service, professional money advice, professional risk management advice, the speed at which we process logbook loan applications and so on and so forth. We also have put in place mechanisms to ensure that we set high standards in so far as continuous improvement is concerned and ensuring that we not only meet but also wondrously exceed the expectations of our customers.

Why we should be your choice

If you are looking for a reliable UK logbook loan lender, your search should end here. Over the years, we have put in place mechanisms with the sole purpose of ensuring that the expectations of our customers are met. Unlike other lenders, we do not dwell on your credit score and our rates are affordable. All you need to do is get a logbook loan quote hereget a logbook loan quote here to get an idea of just how affordable and cheap our logbook loan deals are. We also place great emphasis on professional and friendly customer service and that is why we take hiring of customer personnel very seriously. All our customer representatives have been well vetted, highly trained, and knowledgeable and ascribe to set professional code of conduct while interacting with our customers. You can therefore expect service unlike no other when you apply for a logbook loan with us.


We understand that most of our customers are usually in urgent need of cash and that is why we endeavor to screen and process logbook loan applications within the shortest time possible. If you provide us with all the required documentation, we give you the assurance that the approval will be within a couple of hours.